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Welcome to FuelSave - The new force in the Irish motor fuel market.

Fuelsave Solutions

Fuelsave wants to provide you with flexibility when it comes to your choice of fuel supplier.


All Fuelsave motor fuel is sourced from reputable and recognisable sources within Ireland and is quality assured.


We will always try to be competitive with our pricing of bulk fuel supplies. It is in our interests that you survive and thrive in a market that has become even more price sensitive over recent years.


We believe in the benefit of having a recognisable and trusted brand as part of your forecourt offering . That is why we have developed the Fuelsave brand specifically for the Irish market. However, it is up to you to decide if the Fuelsave brand is a good fit for your site. We can still supply fuels even if you do not go for the brand and provided that you are not contractually tied to another oil company.


Forecourt retailing is a cash business and our terms reflect this reality. Subject to the necessary credit checks and securities, we seek payment on each load within a matter of days from delivery. We are prepared to discuss credit arrangements with station owners and in accordance with our terms and conditions of supply.

Getting Started

If you are new to Fuelsave and are untied to an existing fuel supplier, we can arrange to supply you with bulk motor fuel, on a cash basis. You will need to discuss this option directly with one of our sales representatives. Contact Us.